Theory Of Core the largest Russian information resource about development of hard electronic music since 2014. They are well known for their podcast series which had a lot of quality artist in the past shows. Now it’s time for episode 88 by Sound Abuse!

We played the latest industrial hardcore tracks and ofcourse our latest release “Feverish Dreams” which just got released on the label Dark Descent. This release contains three tracks all in the 150 bpm range. The title track “Feverish Dreams” is a real party track, “The Speakerfuck Called Life” got a 2017 make-over by The Relic… and finally our collab “When We Are Miserable” was remastered for this occassion.

We hope you enjoy this one hour dj mix, exclusively for Theory of Core podcast! 🙂

01. Rapture – Conflict (Legacy Mode)
02. Strange Arrival – A Nameless Fear
03. The Relic & Sound Abuse – When We Are Miserable (Remastered)
04. Dep Affect – The Prison Of Insight
05. Sidephex – What Kind Of Bastard
06. Sacerdos Vigilia – INDZ_RVLTN
07. Sound Abuse – Feverish Dreams
08. [KRTM] – Chaser/Monkey With Shotgun
09. Sound Abuse – The Speakerfuck Called Life (The Relic Remix)
10. Splinter Cell – Semantics
11. Broken Rules – Synthdrop
12. Ragnarok & Demanufacturer – Forlorn
13. Matt Green & Al Twisted – More Or Less
14. Densha Crisis – Future
15. Human Resource – Dominator (Sound Abuse Remix)
16. Densha Crisis – Brainwashin Machine
17. Luxxer – Soul Vessel
18. Zanthrax – Dark By Nature (Replica By The Relic)