To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Cardella brothers working their ways as producers, two befriended acts have made a point of remixing Sound Abuse classics: Carnage & Cluster breathe the power of a steamroller into the 2011 track „Fire Still Burning“, leaving a massive stampede of fuzzy bass; and Sacerdos Vigilia turns the 2014 favourite (and still often heard) „Tree Huggers“ into a distorted darkcore earworm. Happy anniversary!

  1. Fire Still Burning (Carnage & Cluster Remix)
  2. Tree Huggers (Sacerdos Vigilia Remix)
Extra Info

Label: Dark. Descent.
Catalog Number: DD00096

All tracks composed By – D. Cardella & C. Cardella

The Sacerdos Vigilia Remix of Tree Huggers contains a picture of a man hugging a tree. You can see this at the end of the track through a spectrogram program.


Sound Abuse – XV EP

Release Date : 18 July 2018
Artist : Sound Abuse
Genre : Industrial
Catalog ref. : DD00096