With a basic mood of introspection and melancholy, SOP 030 is yet an outgoing album of intricate contrasts: The EME sound has a definite electronic strictness, yet it’s vivid and melodic, the beats are never over-the-top, yet always forceful, this is the timeless sound of techno for brain and body alike.

It’s no secret EME is an alter ego of darkcore/hardcore duo Sound Abuse, and this album is the project’s coming of age after two EPs on Spirit of Progress. Released in two chapters, “Watching the World Go By” is nothing less than a stunning techno production which grows on the listener over the album length:

Chapter 2 is marked by riveting beats and a healthy spice of acid sounds, with different approaches though: “The Unloved” is a massive slab of body techno, “The Brain in a Jar” reveals an industrial leaning, and it all ends on a “Positive Vibe”.
Electronic Mind Expansion – the agenda has been successful!

Including a free remix of The Everlasting Synth by Dark Like Hell (included as bonus track!)


01 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
02 The Unloved
03 The Brain In A Jar
04 Fictional Realism
05 Electric Universe
06 It’s Alright
07 Positive Vibe

BONUS TRACK (Bandcamp Only)
08 The Everlasting Synth (Dark Like Hell Remix)

Extra Info

Label: Spirit of Progress
Catalog Number: SOP 030B-1416

Written & produced by D. Cardella & C. Cardella (except track 1 written & produced by D. Cardella).

Electronic Mind Expansion – The Everlasting Synth (Dark Like Hell Remix)
Free bonus track, included only on the Bandcamp version of this release.



Electronic Mind Expansion – Watching The World Go By – Chapter 2

Release Date : 6 June 2016
Artist : Electronic Mind Expansion
Genres : Doomcore, Techno
Catalog ref. : SOP 030B-1416