“For how many days had he been living like that? He had stopped counting after a few weeks and accepted his fate of functioning without thinking, like a part of the machinery he was surrounded with. He knew it was merely the leaders’ detestation for life had lead humanity to inflict mechanized extinction upon itself. It was the daily peek outside, before he had to descend again into this fortress of industrial warfare, where people live like the dead – to remain among the living. The muffled impact of bombs and missiles, the howls of death, a wiggly vision impaired by the long hours spent in darkness, despair triggered by the knowledge that these walls were just an illusion of safety – the tomb of war, the bunker.”

“He had given up his site investigations a while ago. Since, he had disconnected from time patterns altogether. Hours, days, weeks, they lost their meaning, time just being an endless ocean, slowly rocking forward. He never even used what little energy he had left, while slowly consuming the water and food supplies. Disconnected from emotions, he felt no hatred, no fear, nothing. His survival instinct kept working on the lowest level. The bunker had become the topology of his entire universe; concrete was the only color that existed. He had become concrete himself, he had become the bunker.”

The Relic presents the third of his bunker-themed albums, another collection of relentlessly pounding industrial hardcore bullets, filled to the brim with darkness and distortion. Of course you have followed him up to that point, and of course there is no escape now. Collaborators this time around are Starving Insect, Sidephex, Dep Affect, Sound Abuse and Moleculez – and there is no doubt about victory with a supporting army like that. Also included are remixes as The Relic and under his Hidden Rooms moniker and more remastered versions of tracks from SYMP.TOM releases.
Pull yourself together for the decisive battle!

  1. The Relic– The Bunker
  2. The Relic With Starving Insect–  The Lucifer Project
  3. The Relic– Poison (Antidote Mix By Hidden Rooms)
  4. The Relic– Future Shock
  5. The Relic With Sidephex–  Battle Machine
  6. The Relic– Memory Nor Sin (Remastered)
  7. The Relic With Dep Affect–  Designation
  8. The Relic With Sound Abuse–  When We Are Miserable
  9. The Relic– Thinking Is What’s Killing You
  10. The Relic With Moleculez–   Lunar
  11. The Relic– Lady Sinner
  12. The Relic– Into Darkness
  13.  The Relic– Mindlock (1138 Mix By The Relic)
  14.  The Relic– God Of War
Extra Info

Label: Dark. Descent.
Catalog Number: DD14074

The Relic & Sound Abuse– When We Are Miserable
Composed By – M. Pinkster, D. Cardella & C. Cardella



The Relic – Bunker II “Type 625B”

Release Date : 1 February 2006
Artist : Sound Abuse
Genre : Industrial
Catalog ref. : DD14074