When Synaptic Memories asked us to do a track together we ofcourse said yes! The result is a hard Electronic Mind Expansion acid collab which works very well on the dancefloor.

Hard hitting Italian duo Synaptic Memories have been dropping monolithic, hard techno and industrial tracks on the world for about 5 years now. They’ve released on the legendary Industrial Strenght and are also part of Motormouth and Ophidian’s Meta4 and have gathered some of their friends (the awesome Dep Affect and Electronic Mind Expansion) for a first EP on New York Haunted.

These tracks sound like a bulldozer on full speed, coming right for you. Synaptic Memories find a perfect balance between abrasive loudness and room for experiment on this EP. Rush and title track Absurdism even sound like a robotised punk band from 2089, cracking skulls left and right. We are proud to welcome these hard working top producers in our inner circle of techno experimentation and are proud to present these 5 killer tracks to the world. Get ready to be shoveled underground!

  1. Synaptic Memories– Absurdism
  2. Synaptic Memories & Electronic Mind Expansion– Primal
  3. Synaptic Memories– Sensory Deprivation
  4. Synaptic Memories– Rush
  5. Synaptic Memories & Dep Affect– Wall Of Delusion
Extra Info

Label: New York Haunted
Catalog Number: NYH96

Synaptic Memories & Electronic Mind Expansion– Primal
Composed By – Synaptic Memories, D. Cardella & C. Cardella



Synaptic Memories – Absurdism EP

Release Date : 20 July 2017
Artist : Electronic Mind Expansion
Genre : Techno
Catalog ref. : NYH96