Negative A asked us if we wanted to remix on of his tracks for his new album. A fun project to do for us, the remix turned out to be a very experimental fast track. It was released on CD & digital.


CD 1
1. M.M.I.D.O.Y.
2. Bang Her On The Ground
3. Hells Bells (ft. Tymon)
4. Present Danger (ft. Counterfeit)
5. Power From The Street
6. Follow The Path
7. Scrape (ft. Tymon)
8. Audio Hallucination
9. Fucking It Up (Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Remix)
10. Screw Up (ft. Counterfeit)
11. Polymerase Chainreaction (Tymon Remix)
12. Undesirable
13. 2 Much Hate
14. Quatro Fromage (ft. Tymon)
15. The Infamous
16. Smoking Blunt (Noisekick Remix)

CD 2
1. Loops & Drinks
2. Trash Talk (ft. J-Roon & Kosmix)
3. Extrasensory Perception (ft. Tymon)
4. Polymerase Chainreaction
5. D.M.F.D.T. (ft. Counterfeit)
6. One Man Army
7. Fear Death (ft. Counterfeit)
8. Methods Of Madness (ft. Tymon)
9. In Your Face
10. Guilty By Affeliation
11. Make It Real Hard
12. Change The Rules (ft. Tymon)
13. The Gift (ft. Counterfeit)
14. Rock Hard (Sound Abuse Remix)
15. Bomb The Beatz

Extra Info

Label: DNA Tracks
Catalog Number: DNACD009

Negative A – Rock Hard (Sound Abuse Remix)
Remixed By – D. Cardella & C. Cardella


Negative A – Modern Music Is Destroying Our Youth

Release Date : 1 November 2009
Artist : Sound Abuse
Genre : Hardcore
Catalog ref. : DNACD009