A really big yearmix, with the Negative A & Counterfeit remix on Disc 1.


1-1 The Relic– The End Becomes Me
1-2 Catscan– WO III
1-3 Mindustries– Throes Of Rejection (Nosferatu And Endymion Remix)
1-4 Evil Activities– Pray For Me
1-5 Ruffneck  And Miss Twilight– No Turning Back
1-6 Korsakoff And The Viper– Re-Bottled
1-7 Art Of Fighters– Symphony Of The Dead
1-8 Nitrogenetics– Mu-Sick
1-9 Prolaxx And Outrage – Bastards
1-10 Wildstylez– No Time To Waste (The Viper’s Black Mix)
1-11 Endymion And Art Of Fighters Feat. Lilly Julian– A New Today
1-12 Accelarator– Back On The Scene
1-13 Lenny Dee– Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix)
1-14 DJ Delirium And Tellurian– Ain’t No Stoppin’ This
1-15 Brennan Heart– Feel You Here (The Viper And G-Town Madness Hardcore Mix)
1-16 The Viper And Endymion– My Music World
1-17 Godbuzda– Conspiracy
1-18 Anime – Detonate
1-19 D-Version– Suffocating
1-20 Chosen Few– Cape Fear
1-21 Tha Playah– Hit ‘Em (Evil Activities And The Viper Remix)
1-22 G-Town Madness– Headbanger
1-23 Alien T– Bullets In Their Heads
1-24 Tha Playah– Dicks, Pussy’s And Assholes
1-25 Kid Morbid– Hunt U Dow
1-26 E-Noid– Rage
1-27 DJ Sim– Simbiosis (DJ Obscurity Remix)
1-28 Amnesys Feat. Lenny Dee– System Crash
1-29 D-Version– More Than Music
1-30 DJ Gizmo– Dopeman (Bonecrusher Remix)
1-31 Paul Elstak Feat. Firestone And Ruffian – A Hardcore State Of Mind (2010 Refix)
1-32 Bonecrusher (– Ganstashit
1-33 The Hitmen Feat. Nikkita And Firestone– We Are The Offensive (2010 Refix)
1-34 The Stunned Guys And Art Of Fighters– United By Hardness
1-35 Negative A Vs Counterfeit – Ritual Killing
1-36 Meccano Twins– Time Has Come
1-37 Eastside Connection – Our Message
1-38 Korsakoff– Pink Noise
1-39 Neophyte– Live And Loud (Neophyte And Tha Playah’s Loud Mix)
1-40 Sei2ure– Love From Hell
1-41 Beatstream– The Future
1-42 Nosferatu– Leave Me In The Dark (Project Hardcore 2010 Anthem)
1-43 Outblast  Feat. Angerfist And MC Tha Watcher– Voice Of Mayhem
1-44 Chosen Few– Dog4Life
1-45 Neophyte Records All Stars– Adrenaline
1-46 Tommyknocker– Demolition (Evil Activities And Lenny Dee Remix)
1-47 Sound Abuse– Serious Issues (Negative A And Counterfeit Remix)
1-48 Dano  And System 3– Faith In The Kickdrum
1-49 Outblast  & Angerfist– Delusion
1-50 3 Steps Ahead– In The Name Of Love (Negative A Refix Edit)

2-1 Jamie Ball And Lenny Dee– Swarm Format
2-2 Sei2ure– Assault
2-3 Tymon – Hustle & Flow
2-4 Bloodcage– Sacrilege
2-5 Dr Rude  And Recype– Coming 2 Kill U
2-6 Lenny Dee Vs Neverquiet Feat. Julie Dee– Ragga Tone
2-7 Weapon X– Where My Party People At
2-8 Nitrogenetics– Driven By Fear (Dominator 2010 Anthem)
2-9 The Viper And Endymion– Sanity
2-10 Tommyknocker– In The Shadow
2-11 Tha Playah– The Rule Of Cool (Art Of Fighters Remix)
2-12 Meccano Twins– Pain & Fear
2-13 Predator And Angerfist– Silent Notes (Re-Style Remix)
2-14 Tommyknocker Feat. Ian K (2)– Scream
2-15 Ruffneck And Enzyme X– Ghosts Nor Gods
2-16 Ophidian– Lost In The Forest
2-17 Alpha² And Wildstylez– Atrocious (Kasparov Remix)
2-18 Counterfeit – Bring Her Back
2-19 Mad-E-Fact– The Hustle (Evil Activities And Tha Playah Remix)
2-20 The Genesis Projection– World Grid (Squaresoundz Remix)
2-21 DJ Mad Dog– Here Comes The Madness
2-22 Beatstream And Radiate Feat. Mike Redman– Mainstream Killah
2-23 Technohead– Take Me Away (Dano And System 3 Mix)
2-24 Endymion And Meccano Twins– The Industry
2-25 Rayden – Forget Da Violence
2-26 Korsakoff And Day-Mar– Screwdriver
2-27 G-Town Madness Feat. The Viper– Rock This MF
2-28 Anime – Concentrate (Re-Style Remix)
2-29 Dyprax– Depths Of Sin
2-30 Accelarator And Radiate – Pumping Beats
2-31 Angerfist And Predator– The Milition
2-32 Kid Morbid– Regrets
2-33 Plague – Evil (E-Noid Remix)
2-34 Amnesys– Refly
2-35 Tha Playah And MC Alee– Always Right
2-36 Paul Elstak– I’m Not An Addict
2-37 Chosen Few– Kickin Time
2-38 Jeremy– The Flow (T-Junction And Rudeboy Remix)
2-39 Dione – The Beat Is Pumpin
2-40 Negative A And Counterfeit – Present Danger
2-41 Evil Activities– Evil Inside
2-42 T-Junction And Angerfist– Deadly Volts
2-43 DJ Gizmo– The Guestlist (Gold Diggers Remix)
2-44 E-Noid– Dx2r
2-45 Painbringer– On Da Edge
2-46 Satronica And Unexist– Fuck The System
2-47 Furyan – Inevitable
2-48 Roland & Sherman– Somewhere Down The Lane
2-49 DJ Gizmo– End Of The Beginning (Headbanger Remix)
2-50 T.O.P.D.R.O.P.– Achtung (Angerfist Remix)

Extra Info

Label: Cloud 9 Dance
Catalog Number: CLDM2010095

Sound Abuse – Serious Issues (Negative A & Counterfeit remix)
Composed By – D. Cardella & C. Cardella


VA – Hardcore Best Of 2010 – Top 100

Release Date : 29 October 2010
Artist : Sound Abuse
Genre : Hardcore
Catalog ref. : CLDM2010095