2016 shall be the beginning of a new era for Dark. Descent., now operating independently, forging its way into the future – and a perfect time to take a deep breath and look back on a history of ten years, pushing dark and industrial hardcore and techno forward.

“Into The Dark Lands – Origin” collects no less than 50 tracks by prolific artists like The Relic, Embrionyc, Cubic Nomad, Sei2ure, Ragnarok, Sound Abuse, Starving Insect, Sidephex and many more, lots of classic tracks as well as previews of what is up and coming and some exclusive material as well, so this serves as a perfect introduction to the Dark.Descent. sound as well as a welcome addition to the devotee’s collection.

Label boss Maurice Pinkster, who is known as industrial hardcore pioneer The Relic, and also as a producer of many electronic styles under the Cubic Nomad moniker, has been operating Dark. Descent. to enormous acclaim since 2006. From industrial hardcore to a wider scope of sounds and influences from techno, trance, IDM and ambient, all have found their way into the Dark.Descent. family: Along with the parent label, the offspring consists of the distinctly defined Spirit of Progress (dark techno), ZUUR (acid), Dark Industry (leftfield experimental) and Blacklight Sessions (techno trance).

Named after the label’s party concept, which has gone into eight editions so far, “Into The Dark Lands – Origin” showcases what the international Dark. Descent. label roster is all about, from classic tracks like Zanthrax’ “Dark By Nature” over more recent hit tracks from Dep Affect or Moleculez to excerpts from the praised albums by Sidephex, Starving Insect or Mindwalker, from techno darkness by Energetic X (aka Embrionyc) to acid madness by 2Junxion, this is simply excellent value for little money. (Re)discover the dark lands!

  1. Starving insect & Omnicide – Allt dör
  2. Threatening Developments – Fjellhamer
  3. Battling Anomaly – Murder In Motion
  4. Starving Insect – Dormant Storm
  5. Ragnarok & Starving Insect – Sunken (Ragnarok’s Dreamcore Version)
  6. Shatterling – A Different Meaning
  7. Cyberstruct – End Of The World
  8. Tonal Verges – Moved
  9. Low Entropy – Colorful Stars
  10. Raum 107 – Hass Kommt Von Innen
  11. Tonal Verges – Essit Rekket
  12. Threatening Developments – Lysformer
  13. Hidden Rooms – Lucifer
  14. The Relic & Razor Edge – The Shadow
  15. Billy S. – Harsh & Soft (Desolation Remix)
  16. Moleculez & Heroics – Loaded
  17. Energetic-X – The Moonless Midnight Of The Mind
  18. Cyclic Backwash – Tekno Draft 2
  19. Threatening Developments – Intet Tre
  20. Mindwalker – A More Perceptive World (Electronic Mind Expansion Remix)
  21. Electronic Mind Expansion – The Multiverse
  22. Defiler – Perpetual Motion
  23. Stan Grewzell – Briefing
  24. Mindwalker & Embrionyc feat. Mi’A – We Cry In Music
  25. Energetic-X – After Midnight
  26. Cannibal7 – Mentally Agressive
  27. Dep Affect – Atomichron
  28. Zanthrax – Dark By Nature (Replica By Embrionyc)
  29. X-Core – Rovdyr (AnTraxid’s I Skyggen Remix)
  30. Dep Affect – Feel The Fire
  31. Electronic Mind Expansion – Mood Shifter
  32. The Relic & Mute. – 52 Hertz (A Lonely Heart)
  33. Rawbots – Gouen Ryuuga
  34. Sidephex – War On Demand
  35. 2Junxion – Back In Rehab
  36. Cubic Nomad – Paradox Lost (Shatterling Remix)
  37. Sidephex – Turn It Up A Little
  38. Stan Grewzell – The Machine
  39. Sidephex – MK225
  40. Sidephex – You Know What
  41. Sidephex & Juno – Great San Fransico Acid Wave
  42. The Fallen – Sinister Signals
  43. Sidephex – Voicemail
  44. Densha Crisis – Dark Behaviour
  45. Amok & Stormtrooper – Cleansing The Sphere (Reconstruction By Thomas Nordmann)
  46. Ragnarok & Nu-Phase – Noise Appeal
  47. The Relic – Lady Sinner
  48. Sound Abuse – The Portal
  49. Sei2ure – Opposition (175 VIP)
  50. Sound Abuse – Doomsday
Extra Info

Label: Dark. Descent.
Catalog Number: DD15075

A More Perceptive World (Electronic Mind Expansion Remix)
Remixed by D. Cardella & C. Cardella

Electronic Mind Expansion – Mood shifter
Composed By – D. Cardella

Sound Abuse – The Portal
Composed By – D. Cardella & C. Cardella

Sound Abuse – Doomsday
Composed By – D. Cardella & C. Cardella

The track “The Portal” was released exclusively on this CD.



VA – Into The Dark Lands – Origin

Artists : Electronic Mind Expansion, Sound Abuse
Genres : Doomcore, Hardcore, Industrial, Techno
Catalog ref. : DD15075