Sound Abuse Interview DNA Party 2007

On march 30th we played on the really awesome DNA party in Heerlen. For us it was the third time we ever peformed at a party, what a great honor to be in a line up like this:

23.­00 – 00.­00 DARKCONTROLLER
00.­00 – 00.­45 KRAD EVITAGEN
00.­45 – 01.­45 NEGATIVE A
01.­45 – 02.­15 SLAVEFRIESE LIVE
02.­15 – 03.­00 E-NOID
03.­00 – 03.­45 KVN
03.­45 – 05.­00 CEMON VICTA

Looking back at the DNA Party Peppermill

The people of Rige did their best to make this a night to remember. It was a small but dedicated crowd. We were the opening act and we were supposed to play together with Mental Defective. Sadly he couldn’t make it so we had to fill the hour with our own material. The audience responded nicely to our set and we had a lot of fun as always. Afterwards we did our first interview ever, which was later released on the DVD “Nothing but DNA”. The interview was taken by “DJ Distortion” and RTSier from the Rotterdam Terror Corps. You can watch it here.

DNA Party in Heerlen


We played some of the latest darkcore and industrial music, as you would expect on a labelnight like this.
01 Dr Macabre – Hardcore Basic
02 The Firm – Trouble Maker
03 Rave Creator & The Mover – Atmosfear (Catscan Remix)
04 Sarin Assault – Feel the fear
05 Project Omeaga – Methadon Attack
06 Negative A – Fuck It
07 DJ Daisy – Illogical (Dr Macabre remix)
08 100 Kilo Maarten – Audio Hazard
09 The Outside Agency – Sithspawn (Petrochemical remix)
10 Omkara Techichi – Genocide Compulsion
11 Placid K – Wheel
12 Negative A – A punk fuck like you
13 DJ Daisy & Promo – Obstinate
14 G-Shock – Demons
15 Petrochemical – Pulse
16 DJ Daisy & Stormtrooper – Disturbing Creatures
17 Sandy Warez – The Transistor Is Dead

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