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EME ‎– The Vicious Circle

Our new project is born, we wanted to try something new. With the name “Electronic Mind Expansion” we want to focus more on techno and doomcore. Well actually we don’t want to be stuck in a genre, we wand to “expand”. So very slow dark experimental tracks, while “Sound Abuse” will be on the industrial hardcore side…

  • Electronic Mind Expansion - Trouble Maker

  • Electronic Mind Expansion - Problem Solver

  • Electronic Mind Expansion The Downward Spiral

  • Electronic Mind Expansion Ft. Sound Abuse - Tomorrow Will Be Better

Track one is “Trouble Maker” this is hard techno, and probably the most party oriented one. A voice says”Angry at the world” while the acid melody kicks in. Good rhythms will make you dance for sure. Next up “Problem Solver”… the title is sort of the opposite of track one and so is the vibe. A very long build up till the melody kicks in at the 3 minute mark. For us personally it’s one of the nicest melodies we made so far. Dark melancholy at it’s best.

Track three is called “The Downward Spiral” with again a totally different vibe. It’s more of a scary creepy atmosphere. Let the ambience and synth work on your brain, and eventually Expand your Mind ? Next up the final track of this EP, a collab with Sound Abuse. We didn’t really know what artist name it should fit, so it bacame a versus. No techno but a dark ambient track with a offbeat hardcore kick. A difficult track, but it’s really huge!

Electronic Mind Expansion – The Vicious Circle is available on the Bandcamp page of Spirit of Progress.

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