• Release Date: February 07, 2011
  • Catalog No: DD13003
  • Label: Dark. Descent.
  • Type: Sound Abuse
Bandcamp Junodownload

Sound Abuse – Inner Strength

Dark. Descent. is a recordlabel that was founded in 2006 by The Relic. The first release was from his alias Zanthrax with the vinyl record “Savage”, it contained the underground hit “Dark By Nature”. Then a couple of years of silence followed for this label, but 2011 will be the year of the come back! It’s all thanks to the cooperation with Noisj. The first digital release is from Cubic Nomad with “Holy War”, it got released a month ago. And now it’s our turn! We are very proud to announce our new EP “Inner Strength”.

We start with “Fire Still Burning” it has unmistakably one of the loudest kicks we have created so far! Industrial hardcore in it’s purest form, of the four tracks it’s the most party orientated. With the next track “Inner Strength” the tempo drops to a 135 bpm. It contains a lot more filth than the other tracks. Dirty distorted sounds are the main ingredient of this slow doomy tune. Next up is “The Speakerfuck Called Life”… the tempo is going up again. This track is constantly evolving from start to finish. It starts simple but slowly more and more sounds are added working into an amazing climax. After all of this violence it’s time to slow down again, it’s time for… “Deadly Romance”. This is a very melancholic doomcore track, the piano is very important element. The voice is adding to a certain sadness especially combined with these powerfull synths.

For us personally it was a lot of fun to be on the 3rd ever Dark Descent release. You can get it on Bandcamp and all the other shops like Junodownload, I-Tunes, Hardtunes and Beatport.

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