• Release Date: January 30, 2014
  • Catalog No: DD13052
  • Label: Dark. Descent.
  • Type: Sound Abuse

Sound Abuse – A Decade

To celibrate our ten year anniversary we have a new release out now! To be honest, officially our first release was in 2013 on “Hellraiser – Protect your Soul“. But this anniversary release got a month delayed so now we start 2014 with “A decade”. The EP contains five brand new tracks… all darkcore and industrial orientated.

We start with “Lucid Dreams” which is a real banger. After a quiet hypnotizing voice the track turns into real mayhem with loud kicks and screeches. With “Consciousness Expanding” the tempo drops a bit and we find our selves in a more atmospheric trip, accompanied by some dirty distorted kicks.

In “Tree Huggers” the kicks are more clean, the accent is more on the synth and the fairytale in the break. With “Doomsday” the tempo increases again… apocalyptic synthlines and aggressive bassdrums predict the end of the world. Which brings us to “Opgefokt”. A track based on a kick that is loud as f*ck.

You can get this release now. It’s available on the Dark. Descent. Bandcamp page and all other download portals!

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