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Rōnin 五

Various – Rōnin 5

  • Electronic Mind Expansion - Wayward

01 Natrion – Strike
02 The Fallen – The Origin Of Truth
03 Electronic Mind Expansion – Wayward
04 The Relic & Dep Affect – Designation (Shatterling Remix)

The rōnin roamed the countryside, free from commitment, devoid of favour or privilege, a wanderer without a home. He served no master and feared nothing on earth, his heart as free as a bird and his mind as clear as the morning breeze.

The Rōnin series goes into edition 5, and it’s forward ever – backward never! Natrion’s track will be heard in plenty DJ sets of various dark and experimental styles, simple and effective. Working the floor like a swiss army knife. This banger is followed by two contenders – and tracks with signature breaks. And The Fallen contributes to his dense and dirty techno style. While Electronic Mind Expansion play it equally hard, but more electro-melodic. The grand finale belongs to the totally unique Shatterling. Who has infused the jittery 2016 The Relic/Dep Affect collab with his inimitable melodic skill.

Track 3, written and produced by D. Cardella

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