Loopback – Noir

  • Loopback - Noir (Electronic Mind Expansion Remix)

01 Noir
02 TTT (featuring Fear Effect)
03 Kruut Bruut
04 TTT (featuring Fear Effect)(X-Core Remix)
05 Noir (Electronic Mind Expansion Remix)
06 Noir (Kuvera B Remix)

A good half hour of exquisite warehouse techno, delivered by acclaimed producers who show the know their trade: Loopback features Costa Iv and Timo Ik, who serve up three hypnotic, minimal tracks with wicked hooks: “Noir”, dubby and spacious, branded with maddening bleeps; “TTT”, an elegant midtempo banger featuring the helping hands of Fear Effect aka Carnage & Cluster; and “Kruut Bruut”, playful and tribal-minded with a fierce screech.

Industrial hardcore household name X-Core delivers a remix of “TTT” which of course maxes up the darkness, while Electronic Mind Expansion (aka Sound Abuse) refurbish “Noir” for the peak time. The last word goes to experimental artist Kuvera B., who turns “Noir” into a rattling monolith of industrial techno. Club music noir, truly.

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