• Release Date: April 23, 2010
  • Catalog No: DNA042
  • Label: DNA Tracks
  • Type: Sound Abuse

Sound Abuse – Serious Issues

Out now! Our new release on DNA Records called “Serious Issues”! This EP contains five tracks starting with the title track, it’s a 180 bpm hardcore track the melody is probably the main focus. After that it’s time for the excellent remix by Negative A & Counterfeit. The did a great job adding an even louder kick, and a cool break about marijuana. This is a real party track!

The next track is called “Astonished”, it’s time to slow down a bit and experiment some more. Weird offbeat kicks with deep atmosphere’s are accompanied by a filthy saw lead. “Deranged Mind”on the other hand is a one of those typical DNA tracks with a more traditional build up. The final track is called “Negative Thoughts”, leaning more towards the industrial genre.

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