DNA015B Black Edition
  • Release Date: December 07, 2004
  • Catalog No: DNA015B
  • Label: DNA Records
  • Type: Sound Abuse
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DNA015B – Black Edition

A1 E-Noid – Take This Brother
A2 D-Xtreme – D-Xtreme
A3 KVN – Clown Killer
B1 Negative A – Nuclear Pussy
B2 Slavefriese – Proper Cooperative Groove
B3 Sound Abuse – The Edge

  • Sound Abuse

    The Edge
    • Lyrics

      In my job I don't make friends
      And I don't stick around long enough to make enemies
      Fear of dreaming
      Sleep brings dreams
      Dreams bring nightmares
      You feel the outside pressing in
      The edge
      The easy way out
      Simple enough
      Just open the door
      In dreams
      How do you know when you're heading off the edge?
      Seeing things that aren't there
      (...) put my ass away
      Maybe that's what got me
      The more I look, the less sense it makes

      I was wrong
      These dreams
      Memories from childhood
      Postcards from the other side
      No grieve
      No fear
      No pain


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