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Sound Abuse aka Electronic Mind Expansion

When we started releasing our music back in 2003 as Sound Abuse we never could have thought we would still be doing this 16 years later. From the beginning we wanted our music to be dark and full of atmosphere. Unexpected rhythms and experimental structures. We always liked the angry melancholic tunes and that hasn’t changed so many years later.

Industrial hardcore is the main focus of Sound Abuse

As we developed our style we got picked-up by some well known CD compilations like Thunderdome, Hellraiser, Megarave and Masters of Hardcore. It sure was a wonderful time at DNA records but this was only the beginning of our journey. From 2011 we started to release on the legendary underground label Dark Descent. This gave us amazing creative freedom and the opportunity to do whatever we want.

Electronic Mind Expansion: the techno alias of Sound Abuse

After a couple of releases we came up with a second project: Electronic Mind Expansion. It was time to start something new in a style we never produced before, but always appreciated… Dark Obscure Techno. The first EME album was soon a fact; Watching The World Go By was released in two parts on Spirit of Progress. It’s a showcase of our diverse style. The most recent EME track is a collab with Synaptic Memories on New York Haunted.

Into The Dark Lands

Room 23 (the parent company of Dark Descent) regularly gives us a spot on the party Into The Dark Lands. Every time we play at these events we have a lot of fun. An evening at ITDL usually starts slow with 120 bpm doomcore, building up to some industrial technoid and finally some 170 bpm hardcore. An unique experience, which wouldn’t be possible without the true dedication of the crowd. We want to thank all the people who support our music!

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